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"Meet the Pug"  is a fascinating article by well known American Pug Breeder and Judge Lorene Vickers-Smith.  This is a must read for anyone who is thinking about getting a pug.  My thanks to Lorene for letting me use her wonderful article.  CLICK HERE TO READ  MEET THE PUG



The current fad about "Designer Dogs" is, one of the great advertising gimicks of all time. These dogs are not designed for a purpose - other than to make money for the breeders!!  They do not fit function and there is absolutely no care or concern given to the physical or mental aspects of the dog.  NONE - if there was,  people would not be crossing Pugs with Jack Russells or Beagles - these are probably the two worst combinations - because if the dog has the physical attributes of a pug but the temperament of a Jack or a Beagle that dog is not going to be able to manage to get enough air in to support its ont he go nature...!!  Lets also face facts, most of these dogs come from puppy farms.. 


If you want to know about them - look here http://www.ABC.net.au/reslib/201003/r540633_3139973.asx   If you are reading this then you are looking for a companion - please note that not once does the puppy farmer say that the dog is given companionship, or love, or affection.  So do you really want to buy a dog raised in this environment ?  No caring, companionship or socialisation? Of course you dont.. 


The following letter was published in the Hutchinson News, Kansas, USA- however every point made in this letter is relevant to us too..  If you are interested in purchasing a Puggle or a Pugalier or any of the fashionble designer dogs - please take the time to read this....




 I was relieved to see that there is a new and roomy animal shelter now open in Hutchinson.  Somehow, I feel we are going to need this more than ever.  In our throw away society and our "I want it and I want it now" mode of thinking, there will be more and more animals who will find themselves homeless and in need of caretakers to pick up the pieces.  I am speaking of the newest craze of the "Designer Dogs"  I don’t call them breeds because that is not what they are.  They are cross-breeds, or mutts, plain and simple.  They have Puggles because someone had an accidental breeding between a Pug and a Beagle and they saw a new get rich scheme.  There are Puddles where the cross is between a Pug and a Poodle.  How about Labradoodle, the Labrador Retriever and Poodle cross?  Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly had these cross-breeds on their shows to show the people in New York City what they could buy for $850.  They told their audiences they could sell them as fast as they could produce them.  People who are unwilling to pay $500 for a beautiful American Kennel Club registered puppy with generations of careful and selective breeding from championship lines will pay $500-850 for a cross-breed.  Oh, Well!


This is what is going to happen.  These innocent animals are being produced by get-rich-quick entrepreneurs who don’t have the vision to see beyond this litter.  They were told to get a male Pug and breed it to a female Beagle and the puppies would live happily ever after.   The buyers are innocent.  They wanted a warm and loving puppy.  They were told the puppies would have none of the inherent health issues of either breed.  The "rocket scientists" who are breeding them will assure their buyers that they are getting the BEST of both breeds. Hey! I know of a bridge on the East side of New York City that I could sell you!  The breeder (?) nor the buyer have any idea what health issues will surface when the genes mishmash between the two breeds.  I know what kind of baggage in the manner of recessive genes can come with a Pug.  A lot of healthy cross-breed animals will be euthanized this very day across America because they are so healthy and well adjusted.   No one wants them.  Their recessive genes have surfaced.  In Puggles, there will be a 40 pound Beagle body on legs meant for a 15 pound Pug.   A hound that hunts from his keen sight will have the bulging eyes that won’t see clearly at a distance.  A dog that needs to breathe deeply as a hound when it does what hounds are bred to do and is now being crossed with a dog that has a short breathing mechanism and can‘t be out in the cold or heat. 


Picture a breeding between two primates, a chimpanzee and a monkey.  Hey, we could call them Chonkeys!  Mismatch?  That is exactly what the Puggles, Puddles, Labradoodle breeders are doing.  They are taking a dog from the Hound group and crossing it to a dog from the companion/Toy group.  Are these breeds compatible?  Who cares?  This fascination is the latest fad.  It is only until you get tired of the puppy, after all.  Then you can pass it off to the Hutchinson Animal Shelter for FREE!  Someone else will clean up your mess.  Someone else will pay for your mistake. The kids had their Christmas puppy.  They got to take the puppy for walks and play with him.  Now that spring is near, the kids have new and better things to do.  Mom is tired of cleaning up the mess.  Dad’s shoes got chewed up.  The puppy is no longer tiny and cuddly.  The darned dog pooped by the front door!  You told him not to.  He won’t listen!  You can’t train him to be comfortable sleeping in a dog crate.  Oh, you didn’t try? You’ll just take him to the shelter and a new family will adopt him and love him.  NOT! 


There is NOTHING wrong with investing time and effort into researching what kind of dog your family might enjoy.  Maybe this isn’t the time for them to enjoy any dog.  Not EVERY family has to own a dog, now or in the future. Maybe you thought you wanted one that is small but you find a Spaniel is not much bigger and is more in tune with what your family does.  Perhaps you want a smart and very personable dog and it might be that a Silky Terrier is more to your liking than a Border Collie would be.  Maybe you should learn how to train your puppy for a litter box.  Maybe you didn’t realize that a Puggle would shed.  And shed!  And then shed some more!  Every member of the family should want the puppy and not JUST Mom or not JUST son.  


Revisiting the health issues, did you remember to ask the "breeder" if the parents had been tested for health clearances?  Were the hips rated for dysplaysia by the Orthopedic Foundation of America?  Were the patellas checked for luxation?  Were the eyes tested by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation for Entropian? Distichiasis? I didn’t think so.  Were the puppies x-rayed to be clear of hemi-vertebrae, their hearts checked?  Did you ask if the Beagle pedigree is clear of hemophilia, Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency, Hyperlipoprpteinemia?  No, I’m quite certain they wouldn’t know.  They wouldn’t be haplessly breeding if they knew these answers.  KNOW your breeder!  Don’t buy over the phone.  Visit. Ask questions and hope they have some serious questions about you and your family!   Did you get a pedigree?  These puppies are a mixed breed.  They cannot be registered.  One person told me they were registered with the American Kennel Club.  I asked how that could be since they are cross-bred.  The Mother was registered and the father was registered.  So? That is as far as they CAN go.  Did you sign a contract that will protect you both , the buyer and the breeder, the seller? 


This is all about responsibility.  Responsibility of the "breeder" in breeding healthy and happy dogs, responsibility in adults choosing carefully and buying carefully for the future, not just for today.  This is about responsibility to the dog and his happiness, his health and his training issues so that he doesn’t get carted down to the Hutchinson Shelter the first time he is frightened and bites at the child who has a death grip on his neck.  This is about spending your dollars wisely so that OUR DOLLARS don’t need to take care of the responsibility you ignored and gave up.  Plan, research and learn before you purchase any animal instead of buying something this afternoon that you saw touted on television this morning.  This is a not a gadget.  THIS IS A LIFE and you are responsible for it‘s future.



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